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Richard Uzzell

It is with great sorrow we report the unexpected death of one of our National Board Members and good friend, Richard Uzzell.

Richard has served as member of the Houston LSB as well as the PNB, and for many years he was the Secretary, faithfully carrying out the least desired job in Pacifica.

Richard was an effective calming and moderating influence in our meetings, always seeking points of agreement among passionate contenders for the truth, reminding us of our underlying duty to Pacifica.

In addition to his active support in Pacifica governance, he contributed his architectural and structural expertise toward creating the physical environments that enfold our programmers and staff thereby enhancing what we hear on the air, not only in Houston, but Washington and New York.

He had recently received his degree in Drama (with Highest Honors) from Houston Community College, so it is clear he had not planned on going gently into that good night.

Because of his day-to-day, hands-on involvement in Pacifica in so many ways, his absence is now very real to us, and he will be greatly missed.

Ave et Vale, Veritatis Miles

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