Article Twelve, Corporate Records, Report and Seal, Section 4: Members: Inspection Rights

Members of the Foundation shall have the following inspection rights, but only for a purpose reasonably related to such person's interests as a Member of the Foundation, and subject to the Foundation's right to provide a reasonable alternative method for achieving the Member's articulated purpose:

A. To inspect and copy the record of all Members' names, addresses and voting rights, at reasonable times, upon five (5) business days' prior written demand on the Foundation, which demand shall state the purpose for which the inspection rights are requested. Where the Foundation reasonably believes that the information will be used for an improper purpose, or where the Foundation provides a reasonable alternative to achieve the Member's articulated purpose, the Foundation may deny the Member access to its membership list and information;

B. To inspect at any reasonable time the books, records, or minutes of proceedings of the Members or of the Board or committees of the Board, upon written demand on the Foundation by the Member, for a purpose reasonably related to such person's interests as a Member, provided, however, that said Member will not be permitted to review sealed Minutes from closed meetings; and

C. To inspect and review copies of reports filed by the Foundation with the Attorney General consistent with Section 6324 of the California Corporations Code.