Article Three, Members of the Foundation, Section 2: Term

A Listener-Sponsor membership term shall expire twelve (12) months from that date on which said Member: (A) contributed a minimum of $25 to any Foundation radio station, or such minimum amount as the Board of Directors may from time to time decide; or (B) volunteered a minimum of 3 hours of service to any Foundation radio station. A Staff membership term shall expire: (A) on that date on which s/he is no longer a member of a radio station Unpaid Staff Organization or Bargaining Unit, or if the radio station has no such organization, then on that date on which s/he failed to volunteer a minimum of 30 hours in the preceding 3-month period; or (B) upon termination of employment as a non-management employee of a Foundation radio station, as applicable.

Membership terms shall be considered "rolling," and calculated forward from the last date of a Member's qualifying act. For example, if a Listener-Sponsor Member makes a $25 contribution on January 1, 2003 and does not make any additional contribution or volunteer at least 3 hours within the following 12-month period, said Member's membership would expire on December 31, 2003. If, however, in the same example, said Member contributes at least $25 on August 1, 2003, or volunteers for at least 3 hours, then his/her membership will not expire until July 31, 2004, provided no additional contribution or volunteer time is made after the August 1, 2003 contribution.