Article Three, Members of the Foundation, Section 8: Voting: Voting by Written Ballot

To ensure the opportunity for all Members to participate in the voting process, all voting shall be by written ballot distributed by mail, or otherwise made available, by the Foundation, or the Local Station Board with which the Members are affiliated, as appropriate, to each of the Members entitled to vote.


All Members in good-standing on the record date as determined under Section 10 of this Article of these Bylaws shall be entitled to vote by written ballot as to any matter that properly comes before the Members for a vote.


The Foundation shall make reasonable efforts to distribute, or otherwise make available, one written ballot to each Member entitled to vote on the matter. Where the Members are required to vote in classes, there shall be a ballot for Listener-Sponsor Members and a separate ballot for Staff Members. In the case of election of Delegates, there shall also be separate sets of ballots for the Members affiliated with each Foundation radio station. The ballots shall be mailed, or notice of the posting of the ballot on the Foundation's website shall be delivered, to Members at their postal address or electronic mailing address of record. All solicitations of votes by written ballot shall: (1) state the number of responses needed to meet the quorum requirement; (2) state, with respect to ballots other than for the election of Delegates, the percentage of approvals necessary to pass the measure or measures; (3) specify the time by which the ballot must be received in order to be counted; (4) include instructions for where to return the completed ballot; and (5) provide a reasonable time in which to return the ballot to the Foundation. With the exception of ballots related to the election of Delegates, each ballot so distributed shall also: (6) set forth the proposed action; and (7) give the Members an opportunity to specify their approval or disapproval of each proposal. Ballots relating to the election of Delegates shall also: (8) set forth the names of the candidates; and (9) give the Member an opportunity to select his/her choice(s) or rank his/her choices. The Foundation may, in its discretion, provide a secure means of voting by electronic means via the internet, provided however that Members shall still have the option of returning written ballots by mail. Any such internet voting shall have a coded system to identify Members and to prevent Members from casting more than one vote electronically or from voting by both mail and by internet.


Each Member shall be entitled to cast one vote on each matter submitted to the vote of the Members. Approval by written ballot shall be valid only when: (1) the number of votes cast by ballot within the time specified equals or exceeds the quorum required to authorize the action; and (2) the number of approvals equals or exceeds the percentage of votes required for approval of said action as set forth in these Bylaws. Unless otherwise specifically set forth in these Bylaws, when the Members vote in classes, a vote of a majority of those Listener-Sponsor Members voting in any matter and a vote of a majority of those Staff Members voting in any matter, provided that a quorum of votes for each class is obtained, shall be sufficient to approve an action or consent to any matter. Unless otherwise specifically set forth in these Bylaws, when the Members vote collectively as a group, a majority vote of the Members together, provided there is a quorum, shall be sufficient to approve an action or consent to any matter.


A PIN identification system shall be used, whereby each Member entitled to vote will be assigned a PIN Number that is printed on the ballot. The Foundation is entitled to reject a ballot if the ballot does not bear, or does not bear a valid, PIN Number. The Foundation and any officer or agent thereof who accepts or rejects a ballot in good faith and in accordance with the standards of this Section shall not be liable in damages to the Member for the consequences of the acceptance or rejection of his/her ballot. Action by the Foundation or its agent(s) based on the acceptance or rejection of a ballot under this Section is valid unless a court of competent jurisdiction determines otherwise.


Consistent with the provisions of Article 4 of these Bylaws, the Members' elections of Delegates shall be supervised by a national elections supervisor and local elections supervisors and all said ballots shall be counted under their supervision at such place or places designated by the national elections supervisor. All other voting by Members shall be supervised by the Board of Directors, or the Board's designated agent, which shall also be responsible for ensuring and monitoring compliance with its voting procedures and processes and for counting ballots consistent with these Bylaws.