Article Three, Members of the Foundation, Section 9: Manner of Notice

Whenever notice to Members is required under these Bylaws, notices shall be submitted, at the Foundation's sole discretion, either personally, by first class, registered or certified mail, by electronic mail or by other means of written communication, charges, pre-paid, and shall be addressed to each Member entitled to vote at the postal address or email address of that Member as it appears on the Foundation's books or at the address given by the Member to the Foundation for purposes of notice.

If no address appears on the Foundation's books and no address has been given, then notice shall be deemed to have been given if notice is broadcast at least twenty-one (21) times on the Foundation radio station with which the Member is affiliated. Such broadcast notice shall be made at least 3 times per day on 7 consecutive days and shall state the web page address where the full notice is posted.