Article Six, Meetings of the Board of Directors, Section 4: Notice

Notice of every regular meeting of the Board of Directors, stating the time and place of said meeting, and the purposes thereof, shall be sent to each Director by first class mail, facsimile or email, according to the preference each Director specifies in writing to the Foundation's Secretary, at least thirty (30) days before any such meeting. Special meetings shall require only seven (7) days advance notice, but shall also require telephonic notice by leaving a message at the telephone number given to the Foundation's Secretary for such notice by each Director, and shall specify the purpose of the meeting. No additional business not stated in the notice shall be conducted at a special meeting. Notice of all meetings shall be placed on the Foundation's website and announced a minimum of 3 times daily on air for five consecutive days on all Foundation radio stations, beginning, whenever reasonably possible, no later than ten days before the date of said meeting.

Notice of a meeting hereunder will be deemed waived by a Director who affirmatively agrees to attend a meeting or to waive this advance notice requirement, signs a waiver of notice or a written consent to hold the meeting, or who attends the meeting without protesting prior to the meeting or upon commencement of the meeting to the lack of notice to that Director.