Article Seven, Local Station Boards, Section 10: Local Station
Board Advisory Committees

A. An LSB may, by resolution, designate one or more advisory committees, to serve at the pleasure, direction, and supervision of the LSB. Any such advisory committee shall include, at least, two (2) LSB members. Members affiliated with that radio station shall be eligible for appointment to a committee. Station Advisory Committee members shall not be considered agents of the Foundation or the radio station and shall not have the authority to bind the Foundation or the radio station with which it is affiliated.

B. Meetings and actions of local station advisory committees shall be governed by the provisions of Section 6 of this Article of these Bylaws with such changes as are necessary in said provisions to substitute the committee(s) and its members for the LSB and its members, except that the time of regular meetings of committees may be determined by resolution of the LSB as well as a vote of the committee and that the committees shall not be required to meet in December or January unless they otherwise agree, or the LSB resolves that it should do so, and provided that notice of committee meetings shall be deemed adequate if announced at LSB meetings and, when feasible, posted on the station's web page. Special meetings of committees may also be called by resolution of the LSB or the committee. The LSB may adopt additional rules for government of any committee that are not inconsistent with the provisions of these Bylaws.

C. The general duty of advisory committees shall be to advise the LSB on the issues for which the committee was created. Advisory committees shall have only those duties and powers set forth by resolution of the LSB, which powers shall not include the power to: (1) approve any action which, under the California Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation Law or these Bylaws, requires the approval of the Members, Directors, the LSB, or the Delegates; (2) fill vacancies on the Board, LSB or on any committee; (3) amend or repeal these Bylaws or adopt new bylaws; (4) amend or repeal any resolution of the Board or the LSB; (5) create any other committees of the Board or LSB; (6) approve or execute any contract or transaction; or (7) incur any indebtedness, or borrow money, on behalf of the Foundation or any LSB.