Mary Berg

In memory

Long time KPFA programmer Mary Berg died in her Berkeley home last Friday. For more than four decades she was the host of 'Musical Offeringâ', a show which airs early Sunday mornings and concentrates on medieval and baroque music.

Mary Berg was raised by her mother and grandmother in Auburn, California.

Mary was wonderfully well-read, very good with language and a
top-notch radio music DJ.

In the 1990s she was a co-founder of KPFA's unpaid staff organization (UPSO). Later that decade, she played an important role in the Free Pacifica struggles to preserve KPFA during that time of upheaval within Pacifica. She served on the Local and National boards and sat on many election committees in an effort to safeguard and improve the democratization experiment of the Pacifica bylaws.

Mary faced ongoing limitations in her sight and, in her last decade she used braces on both wrists for carpel tunnel and dealt with various mobility problems.
But she always managed to bounce back.

At one point, Mary suffered from a detached retina and having no health insurance, the KPFA community raised money to pay for a partially successful surgery.

A couple of years ago, Mary was struck by a slow moving car that resulted in a broken femur. She refused surgery and lived with great pain in the last years of her life.

Mary Berg had a rich heart, giving soul, and ferocious moral compass⦠Her grit, wit, feistiness, love for art, animals, and especially music enriched us all.

A tribute to Mary was aired last Sunday by Kevin Vance during the 11:00am-1:00pm Across the Great Divide show. A memorial in Berkeley is being planned.

May you rest in peace Mary Berg.

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