Bylaws Amendments
Proposed Amendments to the Pacifica Bylaws
Posted July 31, 2015
[Revision to previous dates listed] Based on a motion passed by the Pacifica National Board on Thursday, August 6, 2015, the soonest these proposed bylaws amendments will be taken up by the Pacifica National Board for acceptance or rejection will be September 24, 2015. Then, Local Station Delegates Assemblies will have until no later than 60 days after the PNB votes on the proposed bylaws amendments to take up for acceptance or rejection the proposed bylaws amendments the PNB has approved.
Amendment concerning Change of Membership Class Status Download PDF File here.
Remote participation and accessibility at in-person meetings Download PDF File here.
PNB quorum Download PDF File here.
LSB quorum Download PDF File here.
LSB Town Hall fundraiser Download PDF File here.
Term limits Download PDF File here.
Regular Meetings by Phone Download PDF File here.
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